Hello there!

I am a mom/nurse residing in Washington state. 

I first started this blog as a way for me to organize my thoughts and feelings, but hadn't really utilized it until after taking a college English class. I fancied the prompts we were assigned so much that I wanted to share them. I am passionate for learning in and outside of the institution and I hope to share that with you. Secondly, I would like to improve my ability to write. Writing is essential because it is a way of thinking. It can be a form of problem solving- a mode of critical analysis (something that we do daily whether conscious of it or not).

I would also browse for hours and hours from blog upon blog.... until finally I was inspired to create a space of my own. For where others could go for the same purpose; that is to find a little light. I should mention that my name Lucy derives from the latin word "lux" meaning "light" :)

As for the story behind the name- blogsoupforthesoul- when I was initially brainstorming ideas for the platform of this blog almost immediately I knew my emphasis! I grew up on the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and those short stories I read left a profound impression on my soul. So... I want my emphasis to be just that- to provide content to which enrich The Soul. That doesn't mean I won't bring up worldly things... the quote by Teilhard de Chardin sums it up quite nicely, "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience.. we are spiritual beings having a human experience" and this blog is a record of my human experience.

My hope as well is to reach out to others all over the world. Will you join me on this Journey? 

                      Lucy May