About labels

#Expression: A compilation of works of art.
#GoGreen: Adopting and practicing methods of sustainability 
#HealthandBeauty: These pieces will be dedicated to health tips and information, as well as beauty secrets and experimentation! 
#Humor: Lighthearted & just for a good laugh when you need one.
#Lucy: What's going on with me.
#Memories: Memoirs- recalling previous events or experiences. 
#Motivation: Mostly inspirational pieces.
#Music: Otherwise known as the "Language of the soul", features lyrics and tunes that personally speak to my soul. 
#NotableMention: This section features people, places and things of which I believe to be worthy of attention.
#Philanthropy: Contributions to humanity.
#Philisophical: Matters of deep thought. Mostly that relate to existence or "our purpose".  
#Photography: snapshots taken my moi
#Pinned: These are pieces- gems that I have found elsewhere. 
#Relationships: These pieces involve matters that relate to the emotional or other connection between people.
#SoulFood: This will consist of mostly that which move the heart, engage intelligence and have a lasting impact on you as my audience and I the author.
#Tacoma: My hope is to put my hometown on the map. Under this label will be all things that make Tacoma "the City of Destiny"  
#Thanks: It is important to often reflect and count your blessings- so these pieces will be my expression of gratitude.
#Travel: A logbook of my journey and adventures from place to place.
#WhatwasIthinking?: Although many of these might fall well into the humour label- I wanted it to have a category of it's own. Thus, "What-was-I-thinking?" came to be. 
#WordstoLiveby: Words are powerful tools that inspire and connect human beings. This section will consists of words that will inspire and hopefully shape our lives and our world for the better.