Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lean In

Dearest Lord,
I am ready for You.
To see with Your eyes,
and to hear with Your ears.

I have been praying the same prayer over and over for the last few days, "I am ready Lord." I finally realized that while I may have said I was "ready" I was not fully open to all the ways in which my prayer was being answered.

Have you ever had a friend come to you with their problem? and though you've offered them some very good solutions- did they still seem unable to do what they needed to do?

While I've been in the position of the person offering the solution, lately, I've found myself on the receiving end. Stuck. That is until today.

I'm thankful to have broken through....

The last couple days have been very challenging. I had been praying and praying not knowing that my prayers were already answered. I had the expectation that if I kept telling myself I was "ready" that I would finally feel ease. But that's the thing with expectations... I've learned that expectations are a source of pain and frustration, even more so than the actual circumstance. Especially when you're so set on the expectation- to the point of being blind to it.

"I'm ready.... I'm ready... yooo-hoo.... I said I'm ready!!!!..."
....... Silence.....

Silence has been one of the most effective ways He has spoken to me. It has been through His silence that he has empowered me to solve my own problems. Him knowing that I was always capable, but that I only needed time to see what solution was already before my eyes (in my case it had been in the form of an opportunity).

He is patient. He is kind. He is good.  I feel better already. Not because circumstances have changed. Because now not only am I "ready" but I am also open to all His ways: to being comfortable while being uncomfortable. 

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