Sunday, December 13, 2015

a charlie brown christmas

Having put up the ornaments we bought from Fred Meyer, the tree still felt like it was missing something until today, when I finally added the ornaments sent to Bo through the years by his grandparents in Philly. These wooden ones (I believe are an actual token from the holy land) I thought went well right under the tree-topper. The tree-topper like the star in the night sky that led the 3 wise men to baby Jesus. 
my favorite part about our tree are these ornaments, particularly the mini nutcracker guys
and what about these wooden ones, like this rocking horse?
and this hedgehog creature inhabiting our charlie brown christmas tree spaces...
it's these small little details that help to remind what this holiday is all about.
and of course- a pine cone guardian...
and finally the latest addition to the wreaths...
These special little additions and this beautiful sunset...
so happy and content with the charlie brown christmas tree, now with all it's history to fill in the gaps. Since I grew up on Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy... something about this just feels full circle to me.

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