Monday, November 30, 2015

la quinta

On our first night in La Quinta, a view of the moon between the casita and the main house. 
After a nice dinner at the swanky sushi place Okura, we went to The Living Desert.
lights galore...
There was a miniature world, including running train track, throughout the central landscape of the zoo.
the moon again, 
oh hey, Marilyn!
so life-like with the bonsai* surrounding the miniatures like that.
Of course during our stay, there was a lot of time spent in pool. It was heated. Ahhhh...
The routine:
The moon captured from the pool during our night swim before dinner...
Mexican night at The Hideaway... The gooey, yummy, bad-for-you cheese was soo-oh good. I fixed myself a plate of nachos with that cheese and loaded with it ground beef, black beans, a sprinkle of onions, sliced radish, fresh cilantro, tomatillo salsa, guac, sour cream, jalapeNos, hot pepper sauce. All the ingredients were fresh, as was the chips which were also made there. They had tamales! And I had a fresh churro with ice cream for dessert! 
The next morning we went for a stroll and worked out at the nearby World's Gym... Then got the The Citrus's famous breakfast burritos at the stand on the driving range.. The best breakfast burrito I've ever had! 
And then early Thanksgiving morning, Marilyn gets up to put the Turkeys in the smoker (photo courtesy of Marilyn Anderson)
The beautiful table set (this photo also courtesy of Marilyn)
Then there were these pillowy babies, hot and fresh out the oven, and Marilyn's grandma Ida's recipe. Pretty much the only food I captured, since the rest we all sat before it quietly and ate and were too busy devouring to snap a picture. I realize  all turkey meals practically look the same, but trust me on this one when I say it was the best Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you Marilyn for having worked so hard to prepare and make such a delicious meal for us all.
The post-thanksgiving morning after hike, 
can you see the holes up in the mountains, dug up and inhabited by wild animals?
Bo looks uber tall:
a cali-trip entails an IN-and-Out visit, especially post desert hike...
Finally to close the day, a sunset in Old Town
and a stroll into the night...

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