Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the holy grail.... of playgrounds

While you might recognize the location in these first couple of images to be the water fountain at Seattle Center- the playground (also in Seattle Center) is new. This new playground boasts a 30ft climbing tower!! My initial thoughts on the heights of this new playground left me with uneasy feelings from my imagination of all the possible injuries. I blame it on the Nurse genes. But my second nature kicked in and brought on a flood of excitement. I've always loved to climb things. In fact I've been in search for some good #ThrowbackThursday pictures of me as a baby. In one of these pictures I have in mind is the one of my Lolo and Lola (grandpa and grandma in Tagalog) as they stand beside the crib peering down at me as I've climbed up the side of my crib and hang onto the side rails by only my teeth!

Therefore I cannot even begin to describe my excitement for this new playground. Cheers to ruling fun and discovery over fear and over-protection. Oh, and don't my little cousins (visiting from NYC) look so happy? This is the good stuff. 

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