Wednesday, November 19, 2014

bucket list

_ Build a Treehouse
X See Italy
_ See the Ice Castles in Colorado
_ Learn to speak another language (fluently)
_ Run barefoot through the forest
X Bungee Jump
_ Sky dive
X Camp in the outdoors / _Solo backpack trip
_ Sleep under the Northern Lights
X Climb a mountain/ _Summit a Mountain
_ Write/Publish a book
X Run a Marathon
_ Swim in the Maldives
_ Win a Nobel Peace Prize, for Education
_ Surf Australia, _ Costa Rica, _ Indonesia
_ Celebrate NYE in the following places: _Koh Phangan, _Thailand, _ Sydney, Austrailia, _ Time Square, NY, _ Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada, _ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, _ Barcelona, Spain, _ Paris, France, _ Tokyo, Japan
_ Road trip through the West Side of USA: 4 corners
_ Cross-country road trip from East to West USA
_ Make a Movie
_ Make my own leather bag
_ Dive/Explore the Great Barrier Reef
_ Marry my soul mate and someday have his children
X Ride in a helicopter
_ Learn to fly a plane
_ Meet the Dalai Lama and ask him the following 3 questions:
_ Watch the sunrise, _ in the swamplands _ famous horse-shoe bend. 
_ Travel around the world and learn how to cook that region’s food
_ Learn some really cool Magic Tricks (scarves, illusionary/hand-tricks! Cards)
_ Watch/Read all the greatest classics
_ Grow a garden
_ Learn how to juggle
_ Send up tons of paper lanterns into the night sky
_ Live an Ergonomic Life (beats me how this one followed the one above in thought or sequence) 
_ Stumble? upon a great science discovery
_ Help someone overcome their fear
_ Win an Oscar with Leo 

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