Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day trip to Leavenworth

Today took me back to the endless summer days of my childhood. Although the backdrop was much different, since I grew up in Far Rockaway, New York.. but the day had brought on the similar feelings.

It started early, Mel and I drove out from Seattle to Leavenworth to climb with our friend Beth and Beth's boyfriend.

After a whole day of climbing, we took our scuffed palms and dirty hands to wash up down by the beach. I've only ever been to Leavenworth for their tree-lighting ceremony, so it was to my surprise how much more beautiful the place was with the snow melted off the ground!

Beth and Nick then took us to their favorite mexican restaurant (also another surprise to find good mexican food in a little german town). We ordered a round of drinks, margaritas of course.... Though Mel a girly-girl true and true stuck to her fruity, girly cocktails.

The food was good, the drinks strong, and the conversation was the kind that made a friend a much closer one. It was my first time to meet Beth's boyfriend, Nick. It wasn't easy scaling the side of a mountain, having only met the person on the other end of the rope that day. I would not have guessed with his long hair and rather large tattoo off the side of his neck, "Never Again" in elaborate cursive that he'd ever been in the military or even be that type. We had come to find this out only because I asked about the tattoo.

I've come to learn about myself that what comes out of my mouth is mostly unfiltered and can be intrusive. Much like how children talk with so much curiosity and honesty and good intention. It hasn't always worked out the best for me, but it's in this way that I've come to learn some of the most interesting qualities about my friends. It was a good story too.

Nick enlisted in the army the day before 9/11. After a few* tours overseas, he decided to get the tattoo. Shortly after getting his new ink his commander* called him in, possibly another tour and upon seeing the monstrosity on his neck asked him what the hell was on his neck, dismissed him (this time for good).

Once our bellies were full, Beth and Nick invited us back to their friend's farm where Nick built a small quaint glass house (as I refer to it), pictured above. We only came into the main house to use the restroom. It was undergoing major renovations. Already the kitchen looked like something out of Country Living magazine with a twist of Restoration Hardware feel; cast-iron range oven, high-vaulted ceilings, a large island in the center of the spacious room. I doubt that these farmers made very much, but this place they called home was beautiful and it really opened my eyes to another way of life.

After we toured around the property we sat outside and talked some more, sharing a bottle of Framboise (pronounced fram-bwahh)- some type of awesome beer the lovely couple raved about over dinner.

It was nearly dark out when Mel and I thanked Beth and Nick for having us. Although it hasn't been long since Mel, Beth and I have known one another there's something about scaling large mountains together that makes you fast friends and I'm thankful for the climbing community which has blessed me with the most awesome friends.

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