Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Groceries for Grownups

Shopping for groceries is an art that I have not yet mastered. My selections are ever-changing. From the most recent trip are macademia nuts and thai chili cashews. My palette yearns for these new experiences. Sometimes though, I find myself leaving the grocery store or I get home from my trips and I'd had spent $60 dollars and I'm wondering- "what in the world am I going to do with this?"

At the time, when I am perusing the isles, I get these impressions when I find these ingredients. I remember a meal that I had at a restaurant, or an over-priced salad that I bought and I say to myself- "Alright, let's try it!"

A truth I have realized about Ideas/Art/Life: Inspiration is wonderous, but it requires skill to translate it and have it materialize into something.

I hop from food blog to food blog and I wonder to myself how long some of these people have been cooking/baking. What do they really prepare day-to-day? What is it like on their trips to the grocery store?

My kitchen skills are growing and it's exciting to taste the outcomes- especially to receive approval. I am still developing a solid repertoire of delectable meals, and I'm sure grocery shopping will continue to be a challenge... But I'll be sure to continue to keep record of the progress.

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