Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Significant Oth..er... Person

By show of comments, growing up how many of you had an imaginary friend?

When I was a child I had an "imaginary friend". Unbeknownst to me, my imaginary friend would later be a very significant individual in my life. This is because he is All-knowing, Forgiving, & Constant. 

He is All-knowing. For this reason, He is the best mentor. Though His lessons ever go the way I would like, in hindsight, it was always what I needed. It was through acceptance that I could see the beauty of His lesson- and this always left me in awe.

He is Forgiving. All I wanted to ever know, since I was a young girl, was true love. When I didn't find it the way that I had grown up seeing it- through Disney- it made me unhappy. It was only when I matured that I would learn what love really meant. Forgiveness taught me this, as it is one of the greatest acts of Love. Therefore the greatest act of Love yet has been the forgiveness of mankind's sins. Practicing this kind of forgiveness, which is boundless has shown me the true meaning of Love.

He is my Constant. I've had many individuals come and go- nannies, teachers, friends, family, crushes... but there has been only one who has been my constant. It isn't often that I feel really unhappy but when I do- I feel the need to phone someone. So then I scroll down my contacts list, but often don't find anyone that I feel compelled to call- so I end up not phoning anyone. At this point I'm not only feeling unhappy, but also very alone. But as I start to feel this way, the voice of my imaginary friend echoes from within. He comforts and delivers resolve unlike any other can.

I won't tell you who my imaginary friend is, but I'll let you make your own inferences. 

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