Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: The Beginning

It is only now that I have been able to conjure up a sensible discussion for this present new year. Lately, my thoughts have been very scattered. I believe that the beginning of this year will require me to refocus my energy and ideas.

The first book that I'm reading this year is called The Wednesday Pen: A Grandfather's Legacy to His Family. What I love about the book so far, is the idea of creating a tradition that would allow a grandfather to be a part of his grandson's life regardless of the distance that keeps them apart.

I find that even with all the technology we have these days, a gap still exhists between us and our loved ones. I know it's been a struggle for me to find a balance between school, work, and my family. I know I would like to be more involved in my younger cousin's lives. They are coming into the teenager phase of life and I remember in those times I was faced with many moral decisions to make. Not just from the sense of duty, but also love, I feel that I should guide them. I know the best way to do that is through example of my own life.

I wanted to share a letter from the Wednesday Pen that I know I will think back to when I face many difficult decisions in this year,

Wednesday, November 4, 1992

What Would Grandpa Do?
To Ryan: 

Whenever I give a presentation or speech, I like to have something for my audience to remember. Similarly, when I listen, I like to take away something significant. Recently our priest gave a short sermon that really impressed me. His hook was "What would Jesus do?" It's interesting, it's fun, and it certainly leads me to do the right thing. You know, it's hard for me to forget those four words: "What would Grandpa do?" Carry me with you in all you do, in school (I'm especially good in math and English), at play, and when you're awake or asleep. 


I think this will be a good exercise for me to practice and I hope that it will help you too!

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