Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler

Have you been to Anthony's Restaurant? Oh, well, if you haven't- I suggest you go!

My friend Mira and I went to the Tacoma Point Defiance/Waterfront location just recently-- simply for the Wild Blackberry Cobbler! Immediately after we were seated, I scanned the menu with one thing on my mind... That one thing was still there, except I noticed the price was lower than I remembered. I shrugged to myself thinking that the berries must be in season and didn't think twice about it. 

Just like I always do, I ordered the Ponzu Salmon Bowl.. but what I was really looking forward to was dessert! 

When it finally came time for dessert, it wasn't a long wait for it to come out. I saw our server from the corner of my eye and I could no longer hide the huge smile on my face... I love dessert and this was one- if not my favorite! The perfect pie-like crust you dig into for the warm, sweet berries and the ice cream on top that just melts all over. This must be what Heaven tastes like.

Well, when our server finally set the plate down, my expectation met with harsh reality. The cobbler he set down in front of us was much smaller than I also remembered. I asked him when this had changed and why. He explained to us that the cobbler had reached $12 when the customers finally complained. So they decided to cut the portion down in order to lower the price... But I'm not sure why they chose to do this rather than base price on season.

Anyway, it still tasted like Heaven. Or half.. But I did decide to finally make it at home.

I found a recipe for the Blackberry Cobbler online and adapted it to my own, by using whole wheat flour. 

I had a hunch the whole wheat flour substitute wouldn't go so well (it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either)... but I don't think I'll be using whole wheat flour again. I'd like to try almond flour if not regular flour the next time around.

____________ Although school has been out, I find that I've still been as busy as ever. At some point I'd like to tell you about the race (I can't believe I did it! I'm officially a marathoner now! :D).

Lately I've been trying out new recipes, spending time with Carmila, and meeting up with old classmates

It's okay.. it's only two months of Microbiology (rather than 3, thanks to summer school) and then it'll all be behind me!... Until then, it's two months of intense cramming and brain overload... Wish me luck!

* Update * Lately, I haven't been digging too deep and I think it's time that I should (at least try, even if all I get are a few broken sentences with incomplete ideas). Lately my mind has been drawing big blanks. I've been listening to audiobooks for inspiration, but I think in some ways being spoon-fed ideas have hindered my ability to think for myself. I've started to run and exercise more regularly again in hopes that I can get back to the flow.

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