Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So this saturday is my first marathon event. I am a little nervous because I feel that I am not very prepared for it.. When I say this, I mean it very literally- not in the "I'm nervous and don't feel prepared for this" kind of unprepared... but more of the I'm unprepared, therefore I'm nervous about this.

Although I am a fairly seasoned runner- because of my busy schedule (school/work)- let's just say I chose to not run as much as I should have in preparation for this event.

Competitive by nature, I know the most difficult task for me will be to pace myself. I will want to run much faster than I should. But my goal in this event is to simply complete the race. There will be many more marathon events in the future where I can set higher goals (completing under 4 hours) when I am much more prepared.

I know that most of the race will be "easy"... but as I experienced with the half-marathon, I am anticipating a lot of pain in the end. But I didn't choose to do this because I thought it would feel good. 

The challenge invokes you to dig deeper going beyond the physical- and I want to recount the spirit within me that came forward during the half-marathon (the first time). 

My focus will be in the moment: every breathe, every step. 

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