Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Instagram. Blogspot. Shopbop. Asos. Cupcakes and Cashmere. Sweetfineday.... these have been my vices lately.

After having laid in bed all morning (not had breakfast yet)- I could hear the little voice, my conscience, screaming for attention. It's time to find my center again. 

Now that Spring Quarter is over, all I've been wanting to do with my time is relax and honestly do nothing. But with Summer Quarter just around the corner and after having spent enough time on the internet and in bed, I want to utilize my "free time" (besides work) the best I can. I think it's about time to start exploring around t-town with my camera. 

The weather hasn't been the most inviting (grey and wet), but if I were to really allow Washington weather to dictate my life then I would be in bed/inside the house for a good portion of my days. So starting tomorrow and at least every other day I am going to pick a new place to explore.

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