Sunday, May 20, 2012

So this weekend- aside from having installed my bluetooth stereo on Saturday- I spent most of my time studying for my Psych midterm, posted up at the Chocolati Cafe, which is my favorite study spot because it's cozy. It gets packed, but it's never really loud with people coming in and out. 

Sundays are difficult days to find a table though, since it seems that a lot of studying goes on on this day.. and we weren't so lucky this time.
A Muddy Cup- was also closed! Due to a family emergency.. On the way down though, a small Bakery had caught my eye. A charming old Vietnamese man appeared from the back with a warm welcom. I had earl grey tea and a butter croissant. Although I usually study to classical music on Pandora, the french music that filled the bakery made for the perfect ambiance, and I was able to get through quite a few chapters. I used my Shazam App to find out what a few of the songs were. Click here and here - to get an idea of what it was like while I was studying in the bakery. 
Update* The studying had definitely paid off- because I got a 94% on my Psych midterm!

The next week, as well as the following, are going to be the most demanding of the whole quarter. My Statistics research project which was due this Wednesday, has been postponed for another week. I have a Psych portfolio due this Friday, and on top of that a Psych Quiz due at midnight on Sunday! Next week I have a also have Psych research project and presentation- due on the same day as my second to the last test in Stats! But once I get through these next couple of weeks- most of what will be left is reviewing for finals!

I'd like to have all my projects completed by the end of this week. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I will be going out of town. A last minute trip, which was actually a surprise to me.

Any guesses on where I'm going?

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  1. I'd guess... but I already know and that would be cheating