Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Dream Book

I remember from a long time ago a motivational speaker (turned millionaire) tell me- along with the rest of the audience- about how he would put images up above his bed, so that each morning it would be the first thing he'd wake up and see. It was quite some time after I sat in on that conference before I actually made the Dream Book. I'm not entirely sure what I was doing at the time when I first decided to make it, but I presume I had to have been cleaning out some things because for some time it had been an unused scrapbook album. I must have also had some old magazines that were just laying around which I needed to get rid of- but at the same time didn't just want to throw away- then I assume I put two and two together and thought to make the book. I've had it now since 2010 and have been slowly adding to it since. I've filled it with images, words, quotes, even articles of what inspires me. Because I am visual person, it's been beneficial to me during those days when I forget where it is that I'm headed. It's almost like when Adam Sandler plays the movies each morning for Drew Barrymore ("forgetful Lucy") in the movie 50 First Dates ...  When I look through the pages, I am able to get a good sense of my direction. Because this book isn't very specific, it's purpose is really to serve more as a reminder to check in with myself and to make sure I am on track with my goals- whether it be with school, spiritual growth and everything in between. Do you keep something like this? 

The theme just happened to be fairytales. 

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