Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Carmila!

For my sister's birthday we went to the Mika Japanese Buffet in Federal Way. With a large party like ours, it makes it easier to accomodate for everyone's food preferences and allergies, so buffet's are almost always the way to go.

When I think Buffet I usually have an image in my head of food that's been sitting out all day, cheap plastic seat coverings and tacky interior decor. Mika in no way fits any of these descriptions. The atmosphere as well as food presentation is quite tasteful, literally..... Although, I can never manage to beat the lethargic feeling I always have after leaving these buffets... which gets me to wonder- what is it that they put in the food? 

For her birthday blow out, they had this cute little lotus flower firework candle that spun and played music- which we found out is being sold on e-bay (and some few other stores online). It was absolutely adorable and the kids were bright-eyed by the sparks, let alone the idea of fireworks going off inside a building.

The last picture is my favorite. Matthew my little cousin has quite the personality for a 3 year old. Your lucky if he'll stay long enough to give you a hug, as he's always off doing his own thing. After having whined for his ice cream, the little munchkin finally got it. Look at him. Absolutely content.

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