Monday, March 5, 2012

5 pounds heavier = 5 pounds happier.

I browsed around on the internet for some 'thinspiration' today-
as I've been finding myself continuously snacking on sweet treats and chips and my pants fitting more snug...
and when I say continously, I feel as if I'm almost exaggerating, as well as over-obsessing, especially after having come across the uninspirational 'thinspiration' I came to find on the internet.

It wasn't my usual google search of movie star actresses and victoria secret models, but I thought I would venture out and search for inpirational blogs that would help motivate me to choose healthier food (activity isn't my problem, mostly it's my choice in food). The first was The Token Fat Girl's, mostly posts of pictures of the blogger's meals. Which were pretty good meals, but which still consisted of too much sugar, complex carbs and cured meats (which ideally dieters should avoid when trying to shed the pounds).... Don't get me wrong, it's good to indulge once in a while! But if you're having syrups with your breakfast and fries with your lunches (even if it's every other day)- you gotta be real with yourself, your slowing down your progress. All in all, the only thing I got from that site was a craving for sweet potato fries, a grilled club and a lead to the next blog....

Thinspiration blog #1 a sixteen-year-old blogger whose page I briefly skimmed, whose posts consisted of confessions of an eating disorder, attempts to hide it from her family and logs of daily calorie intake. Which looked something like this:

day 1 280
day 2 160
day 3 240
day 4 350
day 5 fast ...
day 15 500
day 16 280
day 17 300
day 18 fast....

It was absolutely shocking.
I checked to see if there had been any comments left on any of her posts (I found none) and was very tempted to comment, but hadn't, because I really had no idea just what to say.

I browsed around her page to find more information about her, which lead me to Thinspiration blog #2. From Thinspiration blog #1's read list, another girl who "aspired" to be as skinny as the models in the crop tops she posted and who beat herself up to having succummed to a bite to eat (a 200 calorie burrito) after having starved herself the whole day... Then went on to destructively take it out on her room.

Annnnnd that was it for me. I'm over over-obsessing and on with objective and healthier eating.