Monday, December 12, 2011

This past summer, I went back to my roots....

My adventure took me way across the country to the Pacific Islands- to the Philippines! My parents, sister and I island hopped from Manila, Puerto Princesa Palawan and Zamboanga (where my grandparents live). Zamboanga was also where my mom's nursing reunion took place. I was able to see the underground river in the island of Palawan (dubbed recently as one of the world's 7 greatest wonders!), eat at some pretty exotic restaurants, chillax beachside while sipping plenty of fresh coconut juice, zip- line, re-connect with family (whom I haven't seen in 10 years!)... among many other things! This is a video compilation of just some of the places I visited. My favorite part is my sister dancing at the airport unaware of the small Japanese officer behind her. That and maybe the snippet at the end of my mom being her dorky self.

What was yours?! What did you do this past summer?

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