Friday, November 11, 2011

An interview with Ernie Banks.

Listen to the podcast, “Ernie Banks, a life in sport” listed under the communication links on our course page. What is your reaction to this piece?
Before I’d read the article, I was not familiar with who Ernie Banks was. But after having heard/read the interview with Mr. Banks I think I’d gotten a pretty good idea of the kind of person he is.
There was a kind of softness to his voice. I could hear all the years of experience and wisdom in it. It reminded me of the feeling I got when I was a young girl as I listened to Over the Rainbow or What a Wonderful World (when Louis Armstrong would sing it).
I got the feeling that Ernie Banks wasn’t just any other eager-achiever. Ernie Banks really had love for the game…. And you could tell.
I was there with him as he envisioned himself once again on the field. Something was quite familiar about it for me too... The dream I imagined- which he saw as he looked across the playing field- and the hope or excitement he’d felt while he strategized plans in his head for the season to come.
Then they play an audio clip of one of the biggest moments in his life. You are able to experience it with him as he relives this moment in time. You feel the joy he feels and you see where it brings him. As he is in that moment, all the important people in his life come to mind. He reminisces about the moments… all the smaller victories.
Even though he’d achieved a history-making record of 500 home runs- he still wasn’t satisfied. And it wasn’t the greedy kind of un-content. It was the same kind of hunger you had when you were a kid- for life.
Ernie Banks had set his dream to winning a nobel prize- which he still has not achieved- but aspires to some someday.