Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Empire of the Sun- "Walking on a Dream"

The song starts with a fast, steady beat of a muted cymbal. The music in the background sounds like something they’d have on the radio in the 80’s- with an electronic piano twang. Although revamped and much more subtle.
Blurred images of a late night in Barcelona invade my head. “Walking on a dream, how can I explain”- I see a tall lamp post that illuminates the intimate European streets below. In the yellow tint of the dimly lit streets, a party of native Catalans, as well as my 3 American friends and I mix coke and wine- to make for a cheap sangria.
Casually, we sipped on our drinks and talked amongst ourselves until it were about time the diskoteks would crowd. Usually around the time that night was darkest. Even then, when you would look up to the sky you’d see no stars; Instead, a royal blue color that resembled watercolor, but only washed onto the canvas overhead.
“ We are always running for the thrill of it, always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it”- I bask in the moment before me, as I feel blessed for the opportunity to be there.
At the moment, reality almost feels as if it is thousands of miles away. Maybe back in the states.
 Back in reality, it’s not often that there isn’t some task to accomplish, or due date that lingers in the back of your mind. It was nice to finally have a chance to slow down a notch from the bustling pace in pursuing the American Dream.
I take in breaths of the cool summer air, then exhale feeling relieved. A small smile lingers on the corners of my mouth.
My attention draws in and out of the chatter. This time to the lyrics again of the song that has being playing from the speaker of someone’s cell phone-
“Is it real now, when two people become one”. I thought of the past couple months leading up to this epic trip. I also remembered a book that I’d recently read; one I strongly believed paralleled my life.
Minus being middle-aged, divorced, or involved in an affair.
The plot is centered around a women who embarks on a spiritual journey in the backdrop of several different countries.
A smile which now showed my teeth graced my face- coincidentally appropriate- to the burst of laughter which came from the distant, mixed chatter of voices.
I faintly hear more lyrics of the song- “Thought I’d never see, The love you found in me”. Pleasant thoughts of the growth and change I’d experienced in just the months prior began to flood my mind. I see images of the people that have heavily influenced and helped shape my character.
The pieces began to come together. “Don’t stop just keep going on, I’m your shoulder lean upon”. It had to have been the love they found in me which allowed me to come so far.
The crowd begins to move as we begin to pack ourselves and head towards the distant beat of techno-dance music.
From memory, I recognized that the song that played from the cell phone was coming close to it’s end. “So come on deliver from inside. All we got is tonight, that is right till first light”.
By now we all walked at a brisk pace.
As the song ended I rejoined the group, in it’s excitement and anticipation for what the night ahead might bring.