Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"If you could choose between today and tomorrow, which would you choose?

There comes a time in every person’s life that they will have to experience a death- It may be a direct family member, a close friend, even a family pet... but regardless of the degree of closeness, it will have an effect on the individual. Knowing this, a naturally occurring part of the cycle of life, I often would wonder what was the purpose. How about the purpose of those whose lives were cut short? Did they have a purpose? But if they died without having met their “end” goal, was there any meaning to their life?
For a long time I use to live for tomorrows- the wait or anticipation of an event or a new day that brought me closer to my goal... But as I’ve grown older and having experienced many deaths and closely while working in a hospital, it’s become clear to me that "it’s not so much the arrival to your destination... It’s the journey". It’s about the trials and tribulations that mold us into who we are today, or the love we experience along the way that becomes forever etched into our hearts. It's also the relationships we've built/the families we've created. These are the things which are part of humanity that put meaning into our lives. Because the “present” is the best gift we have been given to make the most of what time we have and for the reason that tomorrow is no guarantee, I choose today.