Saturday, September 19, 2009


We arrived to Munich on the very first day of OktoberFest and were even able to catch a bit of the opening ceremony!
Oktoberfest is the German equivalent of Valentines day- which celebrates the union of Crown Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Bavaria
These guys were crazy, they were sniffing cinnamon? or was it cumin?
Some Aussies we met.

Peter the Italian Giant. 
Not sure why there was a group of men dressed like stripper cops.
This was cute. The girl was clearly upset with the guy and I watched them for a few minutes as he pleaded for forgiveness. I wondered what she could have been mad at him for.
What are you doing with that chocolate banana Michelle?!?
Man those schnitzels were sooo good!
Young Love.
{Day 2]
On our second day, we decided to split up our group due to conflict of interests. While Emmi and Mercedes stayed back on the fair grounds- Michelle and I explored downton Munich. 
A canal where local surfers rip

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