Sunday, September 13, 2009


The theme for PACHA this year was Flower Power 60's, the WHOLE town was dressed up, absolutely crazy! 
The wonders of self-timer. 
No big deal- sipping on Dom Perignon, on a $32 million dollar yacht, pre-funking for the summer closing parties! aka the biggest parties of the summer in Ibiza. PACHA!
Some girls we'd just met- dancing in bikini's on top of a hot tub- while it's pouring down summer rain? Seems too much like the movies... 
We found out the next morning that nothing really opens till 4 in the afternoon! Isn't that crazy? And I guess that it wasn't just because of PACHA, but those are the actual normal hours of operation. Pretty much telling us that #Everydayisaparty here. 
Emmi, unbelievably hung over from the night before.... If you only knew the story. Ibiza > Girls
Some Italian Bros
Leaving Ibiza just in time before the storm came

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